Can Empathetic People Learn to Spot Manipulators?

Yes…but you must learn to trust your instincts. Value yourself when you sense you’re with a player. Exercise discipline because they can be charming, charismatic and hot as hell. Decide what you want and need. I played with a few of them when I first began to date, a year after I left a 47 […]

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Friends With Benefits

Hi…Wanted to share a paragraph from my book, LEAVING YOU…for me, about Benefit Buddies.😀 FWB is a relationship stage, not destination. Friends with benefits engage in intimate acts, enjoy physical contact, touch, taste, and pleasure. But it isn’t all free fun. Both must balance on the same tight rope, over the same rocky ravine. One […]

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Let’s Stop It! Just Stop! Get Real!

This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series My Adventures So Far

I’ve read Not Your Mother’s RULES, the sequel to All the Rules, that won the author’s spots on Oprah and the Today Show, a $400 per hour consulting business and raised the hackles of feminists everywhere. The “Rules” of dating authors preached how to be not only feminine, but how to be bait and hook […]

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