Can Empathetic People Learn to Spot Manipulators?

Yes…but you must learn to trust your instincts. Value yourself when you sense you’re with a player. Exercise discipline because they can be charming, charismatic and hot as hell. Decide what you want and need. I played with a few of them when I first began to date, a year after I left a 47 yr marriage.

They were what I knew, was attracted to. I was still in pieces, needed validation I was desired, but recognized them instantly. Argued with my arousal and attraction. It was fierce, but my instincts won…so I didn’t get hurt. I understand the thrill of infatuation. Have some great memories but didn’t let myself drag my emotions into the relationships. Fun, freedom, some great times, some caution signs, but trusted my instincts when they told me it was time to move on.

I’m not proud or ashamed of those adventures, recognize them as part of my journey, but as I’ve put my pieces back together, there isn’t room for anyone less than genuine anymore. Once I made that shift, I see those men I’d overlooked when I allowed the narcissists to dominate…as they do. LOL

Best wishes and believe in yourself enough to smile just a bit when you recognize the users and players and narcissists.


Alex Delon

3 comments on “Can Empathetic People Learn to Spot Manipulators?

  1. I just recently got out of a relationship with a narc, he broke me. This has been a good week I feel a bit stronger and I actually went out with a friend on Sat. Right before the discard I had started reading about NPD and since the discard I read alot more. I realized that since I was 16 I’ve been n several narc relationships the first one for 24 yrs. I never thought of him as a narc, and as a matter of fact I read something to my son about this and he said, mom um, dad is like that. Wow, it hit me that yes he was like that, Wow.
    I want to read as much as I can on this subject so I am equipped to never allow this again. I am learning alot about myself, the personality, & how it happened. I have wanted to know why my whole like I’ve been with the same type of person and why I didn’t seem to be learning my lesson. I still have alot to learn before I will trust myself. to not repeat it again. Thank you for sharing, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read.

  2. Hello,
    What happens after continues to be a great adventure! I just broke away from a six month relationship…my first real relationship since on my own. I learned I can love, laugh, really enjoy passion, hugs and the good stuff…but wonder that I’ve come to value, therefore miss the simple freedoms of living single. I took a bit of time to regroup, but am back…I hope you’ll stay tuned. 🙂
    Best wishes,

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