Dating After Divorce ~ The Seduction Conundrum…

This entry is part 2 of 11 in the series My Adventures So Far

I need to learn how to date after divorce so I’m reading the updated version of The Rules of Dating, and am pretty sure these time and trial-by-fire tactics are dead on. The warning is clear, emphatic and non-negotiable: all renegade rule breakers are doomed to be hookups or heartbroken. I may be headed for […]

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ZOLTAR SPEAKS…oh boy, did he ever

Zoltar the Fortune Teller and I locked eyes in the Ruby Cave Visitor’s Center near Chattanooga, Tennessee of all places. Swathed in satin and the scent of mildew, he beckoned me. I had no idea he’d send a message so insanely directed at me and what I was wrestling with. Come on…his fortunes have perforated […]

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Stage One

This entry is part 1 of 11 in the series My Adventures So Far

Before I got married I wasn’t single. I was a teenager; a high school senior. with no car, a curfew, and a bedroom across the hall from my parents. Now I’m in my sixties. Officially unmarried, finally, but I still can’t check the box for ‘Single’ at my new doctor’s office or on my no-longer […]

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