Mating Rituals Are Wild, In the Wild

It’s not usually blog material to post a link, but this one is too dicey to put on social media. Educational. Fascinating. Real. Sex becomes a matter of survival or sacrifice in some species, adaptation is amazing. Nature, and some of its quirky performances of propagation are brain teasers beyond what I’d ever imagined. Who knew?

This is as close to porn as you’ll come on my website, but after reading about Sexual cannibalism of spiders, I wondered what other strange mating rituals animals have. The Penguins are beautiful, the giraffe…ruined my appetite, and male dolphins turned out to be letches. The female porcupines get revenge for being doused…read, I’m not going to tell you, but she’s a wild ride.

It seems adaptive behavior and evolution control fascinating aspects of mating equipment. The banana Snails male appendage is as long as his body’s 6 -8 inches. While the Silverback Gorilla, one big-bad boy, corrals his harem by brute force that defies challenge by other males, so he peters out in the performance area with 1 ½ inch apparatus. Those poor women of his tribe. LOL It testifies to the merits of competition for sure. Hope you learn as much as I did.

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