Dating After Divorce and the Three Date Rule

I want to pitch the “Three Date and drop by for more than a drink rule”, but then I looked at this link and whoa….evidently there are consequences! Who made the rules for dating after divorce anyway? A deviant chemist…one that encourages sex on page one. I’m going to start calling my body a bitch. […]

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Dating After Divorce ~ The Seduction Conundrum…

This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series My Adventures So Far

I need to learn how to date after divorce so I’m reading the updated version of The Rules of Dating, and am pretty sure these time and trial-by-fire tactics are dead on. The warning is clear, emphatic and non-negotiable: all renegade rule breakers are doomed to be hookups or heartbroken. I may be headed for […]

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A Word of Caution About Kegels

I learned a new word today; pompoir. Also known as ‘playing the flute’.  I’m going to let you use your imagination here, because it is a sexual techinque with some pretty fascinating payoffs. Makes you wonder if Dr. Kegel traveled to Singapore and was inspired by another name for this dandy manuver, the Singapore Grip. […]

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