3 Questions for Survivors of Emotional Abusive Relationships

A young woman, two generations younger and half a world away suggested I write a Q & A Blog for survivors. She’s still picking eggshells and gravel out of her feet after a bad breakup with a narcissist, but she’s out. She’s right, it would be encouraging and informative to hear from other survivors. Am hoping you’ll pitch in, share your insight in the comments or reply section. If it works, I have 3 more ready to go. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. How many failed attempts to leave the relationship did you make before you did it?
  2. Did you come to a realization and leave or were you left behind blinking in shock and despair?
  3. If you left, were there key realizations that helped you stay away…not get sucked back in?

10 comments on “3 Questions for Survivors of Emotional Abusive Relationships

  1. Thank you. I hope your journey is smooth, happy and you’re content. If not, I found my way out of the maze and would be happy if I could give you a hand and some helpful direction.
    Alex Delon

  2. I’m compiling my latest list. I’m sorry there hasn’t been any recent updates.
    I’ve had some problems building the list along the
    way. I’ll talk more about that at a later date.

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